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Pure arctic taste

We only use the best, mainly Finnish, farmed rainbow trout. High-quality raw materials, traditional craftsmanship and careful quality control combined with self-developed manufacturing methods and equipment guarantee high-quality products that we are truly proud of.

You will always recognize Pure Arctic Taste of Lappi™ products by the mouth-watering, lingering and inimitable flavor. We still make the products by hand using our own unique methods, without forgetting the recipes and traditions that have been developed in the family for many generations.

Our story

From passion for fishing

For four generations, the Lappi family have produce products from fish, caught in pure waters. In today's taste world of Kala-Lappi, traditions are constantly present. In manufacturing, we use self-developed equipment and methods, valuing artisan traditions. This way unique products of Kala-Lappi are born, and give you a new world of flavors.

Museoviraston Kuvakokoelma

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Couldn’t find a Kala-Lappi product in your nearest store? Tell the department manager (or shopkeeper) which products you would like to find and ask them to order them, and we will deliver the products to the store. Our products can be found in most K-and S-stores throughout the country.

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